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If an incident has occurred, the We-Watch app can be used to . .


Find people who were nearby and witnessed the incident



Contact them to see if they can share observations and/or media



Consolidate relevant information and media in the We-Watch mobile app



Obtain recourse in conjunction with concerned parties and authorities


This is how it works

Jane is the character standing on the red star; she was involved in an incident with a vehicle.

  1. Jane needs to prove her story to police and insurance.  Luckily, several people were nearby and one of them (John) caught what happened on their security camera at the Blaze Plaza.  Jane uses the We-Watch mobile App to log the event, sending a notification to other users nearby.
  2. John, on the green star, downloads the We-Watch app after the incident, easily views the incident, and reports what he saw anonymously.
  3. Jane now has the evidence she needs.  
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