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We-Watch is the next generation Neighborhood Watch!

Our mobile application is powered by end users sharing information and media with each other to improve safety and accountability – one neighborhood at a time. 

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Sign up by contacting us at Info@We-Watch.ca for future communications on how to be a part of We-Watch.

Thoughts from our CEO

After being deemed 50% at fault in an accident (for which I was sure I wasn’t at fault), I dreamed of going back in time and asking the drivers around me at the time if they could share what they saw, and what they had captured on dashcam.

I then thought of all the witnesses to all incidents, and all the video and camera footage which exists, but serves no one but their owners. 

What if I came up with a way to allow people to alert potential witnesses and camera owners that they could possibly help after an incident occurs?  


Jane was involved in an incident with a vehicle while she was walking downtown. Learn more about how the We-Watch app helped her after the incident.

Using We-Watch, Jane can get the evidence she needs to prove her story to police and insurance. 

Beta Testing

We are currently beta testing our prototype application in Ontario, Canada.

More information is available for investors.

Contact Info
Contact Info

Ontario, Canada