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Be part of our We-Watch community​

We-Watch is the next generation Neighborhood Watch!

Our mobile application is powered by end users sharing information and media with each other to improve safety and accountability – one neighborhood at a time. 

We-Watch Info Signup

Send an email to Info@We-Watch.ca for future communications on how to be a part of We-Watch.

Public Trials

Public trials are launching in 2023.

The initial public trial is in partnership with West Queen West Business Improvement Area, Toronto, between Bathurst and Dufferin.  

Read our We-Watch Privacy Policy.

More information is available for investors.

If you operate a business, live in, or are visiting the West Queen West area, you can sign up to pre-register for the We-Watch app!

Jane was involved in an incident with a vehicle while she was walking downtown. Learn more about how the We-Watch app helped her after the incident.

Using We-Watch, Jane can get the evidence she needs to prove her story to police and insurance. 

Thoughts from our CEO

After being deemed 50% at fault in an accident (for which I was sure I wasn’t at fault), I dreamed of going back in time and asking the drivers around me at the time if they could share what they saw, and what they had captured on dashcam.

I then thought of all the witnesses to all incidents, and all the video and camera footage which exists, but serves no one but their owners. 

What if I came up with a way to allow people to alert potential witnesses and camera owners that they could possibly help after an incident occurs?  


If you have already pre-registered and want help using the We-Watch app, you can watch a:

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