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User Instructions

  1.  Tap the black tab at the bottom of your screen.
  2.  Tap [+] Report.

Select your role.
    3.  Tap VICTIM or WITNESS, and Next.

Where did the incident occur?
    4.  Enter Date and Time of incident.
    5.  Drag the map to position the map pin to the incident location.
    6.  Tap Next.

What happened?
    7.  Select the Incident type and type in the incident details.
    8.  Identify proof using your camera or stored media files.
    9.  Tap Next.

What would you like to call this incident?
    10.  Type in an incident name.
    11.  Specify if this incident is to be posted without sharing your name.
Notice: When you post anonymously, we will not share your name of information with anyone. Disabling anonymous posting will allow victims, witnesses, and other viewers of the incident to see your name.
    12.  Tap Next.

    13.  Review your incident record.
    14.  You can use the [<] to access and edit incident record details.
Note:  You cannot edit your incident record after it has been submitted.
    15.  Tap Submit

You can receive notifications for incidents that have occurred at up to 2 locations. 

  1.  Tap Settings in the black tab.
  2. Tap Proximity Locations >.
  3. Tap + Set Location.

Create/Update Proximity Location.
    4.  Under Location Search, type in the required address.
    5.  Under Location Type, select the appropriate type.
    6.  Tap Save.   
    7.  Tap Done.

A We-Watch incident notification appeared on my mobile phone.

With the We-Watch app open at the We-Watch dashboard screen, a Request appears.

To respond to a witness Request:

  1. Open the dashboard > My Incidents screen.
    Result: The victim name, time and date, location, and description appear.
    Result: The Incident Detail screen appears indicating a victim name, time and date, location, and description.
  2. Tap Participate if you have information or media that can support the incident.
    Result: The Add Evidence screen appears.
    Tap Reject if there is nothing that you can share to support the incident.
    Result: The request is removed from your phone.
  3. Type in your description of the incident and tap Next.
  4. Add media files (e.g., video images) of the incident and tap Next.
  5. Tap Publish to make the added evidence available to the victim.
    Alternately, you can Discard your evidence and add evidence later, or you can Save your evidence.
    If you save your Witness evidence appears on the dashboard under My Incidents.
    Note: Saved evidence is not shared with the Victim, until you Publish.
  1. Tap Incidents under the black tab.
  2. Tap the desired incident.
  1. Click My Responses.
  2. Click desired incident.
  3. Select Evidence List.
    Response: Each individual response to the incident appears.
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