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Q and A

We will reach out to the individual on your behalf, and give them the opportunity to contact you, if you need them to attend court, for example, or need more information.  Simply write us a message at info@we-watch.ca with the subject line: ‘Incident Request’.

A BIA is a public sector non-profit organization usually under the umbrella of a city.  Its members consist of businesses of all sizes and property owners. They serve their community by making it a more appealing place to live, visit and do business; including enhancing the safety and wellbeing of everyone in their community boundaries. 

We-Watch partners with public sector organizations to enhance public safety through our mobile application.  The We-Watch app allows local businesses to deter and respond to thefts, vandalism and harassment; amongst other things.  The information we learn from these and other incidents is compiled into a report for communities, enabling them to get better access to resources, programs and services for their businesses and residents.

As a We-Watch member, we watch out for each other.  Using the app gives you direct access to those in our community who may choose to help you when you need a witness or camera footage after an incident.  In turn, you can have a direct impact on the lives of others by choosing to share what you have seen or recorded.  Using We-Watch, you can be confident that what you share goes directly to the people affected by an incident; knowing you helped someone nearby. 

You will:

  • Be alerted when a crime or accident has occurred near where you are or were.
  • Have access to a network of We-Watchers who can get you evidence you may need for a police report, insurance claim or dispute.  
  • Know that you are contributing directly to making your neighbourhood safer. 

Device location access is required to send a notification to people who are or were nearby when an incident occurred; it is important to only notify people who were likely to have seen or have captured the incident.  We-Watch users cannot see the location of another user.  

No identifying information is sold by We-Watch.  Data dashboards provided to our clients and community partners are strictly for analytic purposes relating to trends and insights based on crimes, accidents and general public safety.  We-Watch and our contractors use information provided when signing up for an account to assure quality of service on our platform.  We do not share personally identifying information with third parties unless required to do so by law. 

When interacting with other users on the We-Watch app, all users are anonymous by default.  No other user can determine who you are through the We-Watch app.  We-Watch does not retain users’ location information indefinitely.  Logs are only kept as long as needed to provide the service we promise to our users. 

If We-Watch is not active in your community, appeal to your local BIA, town/city and region to contact us to arrange a pilot program in your area.  If We-Watch is currently active, remember to actively participate in creating and responding to incidents in your area.  Each person has a role in their community’s safety.  Be one of them. 

If you feel you, your organization or region could benefit as a partner, please send an email to info@we-watch.ca.

Your incident pin appears on the map for 3 days from when you published the incident.

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