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We-Watch is partnering with municipal, regional, provincial and federal governments to deliver the We-Watch network to their communities.

Corporate & Not For Profit

We-Watch is partnering with social advocacy groups, crime prevention, existing neighborhood watch programs and strategic corporate partners.

Government Partners

Government partnerships are part of what enables We-Watch to deliver a free end user experience.  

Public and Private partners benefit through access to real-time data, analytics and reports about specific types of incidents in their regions, including those previously unreported

To arrange a demo or to pilot We-Watch in your community, please contact us

Corporate & Not For Profit

If you represent one of the following groups and wish to discuss partnership, contact us.


  • Roadside services
  • Crime prevention groups
  • Tip Lines
  • Social/Civil advocacy groups
  • Business Improvement Areas


  • Insurance providers
  • Dashcam manufacturers 
  • Security camera manufacturers
  • Promotional integrations 
  • Retail Chains
  • Fleet Management Organizations
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