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We-Watch is partnering with municipal, regional, provincial and federal governments to deliver the We-Watch network to their communities. Continued below


The We-Watch SaaS enhances Health and Safety, and situation response capabilities of large organizations. Continued below


 Client partnerships with:

  • Business Improvement Areas
  • Cities
  • Regions & Counties

Community-based intelligence through streamlined reporting of incident affecting public safety and social wellbeing. 

Improve your safety standard, lower costs of responding to crime, increase close-rates and access the data to enhance initiatives, programs and resources, where and when it matters.

To arrange a demo or to pilot We-Watch in your community, please contact us.


  • Enhance Loss Prevention measures
  • Track and respond to safety hazards and incidents
  • Quickly gather and consolidate information and media following a significant event
  • Empower employee engagement with optional anonymity
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