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Seed Stage Investors

We-Watch currently has a working MVP (Minimum Viable Product), as a prototype mobile application currently being made available to closed beta groups in Ontario, Canada.

Seed Stage Investors

The We-Watch team is seeking new SEED STAGE investor relationships to help scale public testing, build out multi-platform support, and incorporate additional analytics and functionality into our next generations of development. 

As a social enterprise concept, We-Watch desires investor relationships to cater to dynamics of social change and betterment of communities, and derive the desired return on their capital.


  • Recipient of Federal Government funding for product/market research through MITACS.
  • Recipient of Catalyst Grant funding through the Helix Incubator at Seneca College 
  • Graduate of Helix Innovation Strand & currently in Accelerator Strand
  • Graduate of YSpace Venture Catalyst program at York University 
  • Graduate of Treefrog Accelerator & Alumni of Cohort 4
  • 2022 Member of Newmarket Chamber of Commerce
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